WordPress Automatic Plugin: Automatically Import Amazon Products to WordPress

Importing Amazon products to WordPress will not only help you earn online income but it allows you to generate more revenue for your site and business. So the idea of generating income by importing Amazon products to your WordPress site is outclassed. It is an important and crucial action you must get into fast because there are no strings attached to it.

You need a guide and a reliable WordPress Automatic plugin that can help you carry out this job with ease. Don’t worry; we have the solution to all your problems.  Within this article, we will help you import Amazon products to your WordPress site with ease, enlisting the best plugins. Moreover, we provide you with step by step tutorial to install the best plugin; so you may face no more difficulty.

So are you ready to know all the details?

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Amazon and WordPress: A Perfect Combination

Amazon is not only the most prominent eCommerce platform but the most reliable and secure platform you can all rely upon. It offers a wide variety of products that are bringing revolutions in the online world. Think of anything you want to sell; you have it here on Amazon.

Similarly, if you import amazon products to your WordPress site, it will create wonders for you. However, to set an online store, there are certain strings attached to it.

It would be best if you had an Amazon ID; only then you can track your sales and manage your commissions. So the first step you need to do is sign up for an amazon ID.

If you already have an Amazon account, then BOOM iT! Head on to the next section.

If you don’t have one, it’s okay to sign up for it now, click on the link Amazon Associates.

Once you click on this link; you direct to the following page

Fill in all the information. Once you have provided them with all the desired information, Amazon will review your application and approve it. Remember, you have to fill in all the information regarding your payee, website and submit a complete profile. Don’t try to fool Amazon by giving in false information.

Once completed, you will have a new unique Amazon ID. This ID will remain intact with you and will work seamlessly throughout your business dealings.

Import Amazon Products To Your WordPress Site Using WordPress Automatic Plugin

There is a wide range of ways to import Amazon products to your WordPress site; You can try a manual approach too. Would you opt or a lengthy process when you can quickly and easily import Amazon products to your WordPress site within minutes?

WordPress Automatic Plugin

Yes! WordPress Automatic Plugin can help you import products from Amazon by keyword or browse code within minutes. WordPress Automatic Plugin is a full woo-commerce support plugin that offers a product gallery and price option. With the help of this reliable, robust plugin, you can set the price updates and automatically set affiliate links in no time. Want to know more?

Let’s get this started….

Step By Step Process To Import Products From Amazon

Install the plugin from the WordPress dashboard and see how miracles happen within minutes.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Under WordPress Automatic Plugin menu set a new campaign option

Since you are importing Amazon products, so you need to select the Amazon option in the ‘Select the desired source.’ This remarkable plugin can help you search the best Amazon products and automatically add an affiliate link so you can make commissions from the products via your referrals.

First, you need to write your ‘Desired Keywords’ in the post editor. We are posting Smart Watch.

After that, choose all the Other Options you wish to select.

Now, Click the Publish Button to make the product page go live on your website.

Congratulation! Your first step is complete. The campaign is ready for processing and publishing.

Now, Click Run

A new post will be added successfully to your WordPress site or blog where an affiliate link will set automatically

my blog

Campaign Options

Now, let’s look into the Campaign options in detail.

First, select Amazon Category; you can also choose other options if you wish to choose some other platform.

Browse Node

You can post from the Amazon category or browse node. There is a wide range of browse node options available. Amazon browse node is a subcategory where you get access to the desired node ID. 

Click on the product you want to post

Now, Copy the desired note.

Finally, paste the desired node ID to the options page. Adding a specific node will limit posting the items from the desired node only.

Moreover, if you detest using filtering keywords, you have an option here too. You can also use this plugin without filtering the keywords option. Uncheck the box.

If you want to set a price range, you can easily do that. Choose the price range in the options section and only those Amazon products will be visible that fall under the set range. Setting a price range will show only those items with a price range between the ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’ values.

What’s more?

 Let’s look into some of its advanced options

  • You can also post set on a post criterion, like by a specific actor or by a particular brand.
  • By links can link directly to the Amazon cart page
  • The plugin can also set the product description

Note: there is no restriction in running campaign; you can run the campaign as many times you like. So what do you say? Want to do some checking. Import a few products from Amazon to your WordPress site.  Click on the products and visit the shop page on your website.  So what have you concluded?  Are the products in action or not?

Want to get hooked with WordPress Automatic Plugin? Buy today for $30 and get extended support for 12 months for an additional $9.38.

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