Promote your WordPress, Joomla or Hosting product

We do offer service of promotion for your WordPress plugin, WordPress theme, Joomla extension or hosting service. To order one your product review, une the form below and complete the required information, we’ll get in touch in less than 24 hours!

Advertising packages


We do all the work including product analysis, 100% original text, do-follow links, top image by our designer, 20 languages translation



Where both yours and our companies are joining efforts for promotion. You produce 100% original text and images, you get do-follow links, top image by our designer, 20 languages translation



You send us a description text, around 200 words, an optional image, otherwise we can include our own, and it’s done! 20 languages translation also applied


We receive a constant stream of emails asking us to cover plugin, themes, or hosting services, we would like to do everything but we simply can’t 🙂 Instead, we offer a promotional article service to give an overview of your product, allowing you to communicate how it would be useful to the tens of thousands of clients.

Promotional product review makes sure that, instead of getting distracted by negative comparisons or fake reviews planted by your competitors, your potential customers will read a clear, well-written, and positive overview of your product, tipping them towards a purchase.

On the other hand, the best of page inclusion offers the guarantee that your product will be listed among the top 3 in best of pages. The best of pages represent 50% of the most visited pages of the website.

What’s included in the promotional product review / Best of inclusion

Original text content, over 1000 words (200 for best of page), made by an English native speaker
Neural, high quality translation of the post in 20 languages. All translated are indexed in their language
Top image, made with love by our designer
Product screenshots or designed images
Product testing, analysis
Do follow backlink
Optimized SEO titles and content (SEMRush based)

Another advantage is that, very often, the key words that our experienced writers come up with, to bring your product to life for our readers, can also become part of your own marketing arsenal. We are always proud when we see our clients making good use!

Why our promotional product review works

Promotional product review also acts as an effective reassurance when your potential customers Google you before deciding to buy. As Holdersing is an established, well-ranked specialized website, your promotional article will also rank highly. Currently, the page views per month is around 25 000 views. The traffic is currently growing by +15% by month for almost a year – Last update: Sept 2020.

Recent statistics of growing traffic – page views per week

Holdesing limits the number of advertising reviews (review queue system), keeping independent and original content on top. Furthermore, we use an advanced neural translation service that allows our articles to be ranked in 20 languages. All Google search results in user native language is automatically ranked above your competitors!

How to proceed

Get in touch using the form below, send us your theme, plugin, or service access, and eventually what you would like us to test and review. After a week or so, once you give the article your final approval, your article will be published and added on the front page of Holdersing and on social networks!