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Visitors tend to spend more time on those websites where they could easily search out what exactly they are looking for.

Hence, you can maximize their user experience by providing a search bar where they could enter their queries and reach out to their required content immediately.

Therefore, installing a search bar into your blog can work as a powerful tool to boost your product’s sales and visitors will enjoy their shopping at a much faster pace, which will in return direct more traffic to your site.

AJAX Search and Autosuggest Plugin Key features

AJAX Search

AJAX search plugin makes it possible for you to provide a major-league user experience to your visitors by installing a visually appealing search bar into your blog to give it a more professional look. You can also customize its various features according to your brand’s layout. You can create multiple search instances with more than four pre-made designs and 100 in-built themes for each layout. Moreover, the AJAX search plugin supports SVG Icons where you can vactorize the icons to display your icons with much clarity instead of any traditional Icon display and change the icon color as well.  

Get an advanced search plugin with powerful filters and multiple search bars to get more accurate and precise search results with a single click. AJAX supports Multilanguage and also helps the users by automatic keyword suggestions and autocomplete features.

You users can enjoy a live Ajax search, which also supports images display in an attractive way and looks stunning on mobile devices too.

Craft multiple search instances

Create compelling search bars with a different configuration. Each instance can be created uniquely with a distinctive shortcode and a separate widget. You can customize the font color and layout of each search bar instance.

Support various content types

The AJAX search pro can search out multiple contents such as custom fields, portfolio items, taxonomy, Events calendar,  WooCommerce, Jigshop, PDF or office files or anything which you like to appear in the search results. The advanced search result is perfect for eCommerce stores because they need to display a long list of products.

Four pre-made layouts

AJAX pro search allows its user to display the search content in four attractive layouts as follows;

Vertical: with the vertical layout, the results are visible vertically and this display has some distinctive features as well like slide-in animation, keyboard navigation, and changing color option.

Horizontal: This layout displays the search results horizontally with a one-row slider and the search results can be seen swiping horizontally.

Isotopic: you can use this layout to display with a subtle mouse hover blur effect, and the images look more stunning when you put the mouse on the result

Polaroid: with a Polaroid layout, you can display only the recommended images of your products to present the product images attractively.

60+ Ready to use vibrant theme

More than 60 in-built theme options that you can customize to get a more dynamic and professional look.  These themes allow you to change every layout of your search results and you can change the following options of your desired theme such as

  • Colors
  • Images
  • Borders
  • Shadows
  • Margins
  • Fonts
  • Paddings

Also, you can customize the icons with vectorized SVG icons where you have the freedom to change the icon color.

Image support

AJAX pro search plugin comes with image support and the ability for image display in the search results. The plugin has a built-in library of images and compatibility to handle any image display and it can directly display the featured image or it can parse through custom fields or content to get the desired image with its smart image parsing capability.

Keyword suggestion and Autocomplete

The autocomplete and keyword suggestion helps the visitors to automatically get the answers or ideas to quickly get the desired search results once they start writing in the search bar. Thankfully, the AJAX pro search comes with an in-built Google keyword suggestion and autocomplete. Furthermore, you can also change the suggestions language. 

Front-end search filtering option

Now you can use the front-end filtering option to get more precise results by adding custom field interconnected filters. The fields can be created by categories, dates or time, or any custom fields.

Moreover, multiple custom fields can be created to find any type of post, pages, or product by adding allied taxonomies or custom fields.

Have a look at this perfect example of a property-related search instance where we have compiled both taxonomy terms and custom field filters to get accurate results.

Furthermore, the AJAX pro search comes with excellent compatibility with WooCommerce and allows its users to create as many filters as they need by adding a drop-down menu.

Responsive search results

All the elements and layouts are retina ready and highly responsive and react fine on a mobile screen.  

Multilanguage compatibility

AJAX pro search comes with Multilanguage support such as Japanese, Persian, Arabic, or Chinese. WPML, qTranslate and PolyLang plugins are fully integrated with AJAX pro. Multilanguage support enables you to display your content in more than one language so that you could display effectively to your target audience.

Unique Widgets and shortcodes

All of the search instances created have unique shortcodes, and you’ll also find some discretionary shortcodes for the results and setting box positions and you can put the setting box anywhere with an easy shortcode. A shortcode generator will help you in generating a simple shortcode. Put the elements where you want to see them, label the ratios and the shortcode generator will get you the easy shortcode you need for further use.

Three unique widgets are also integrated; AJAX Latest search, the search box widget, and the popular search phrases widget.

Multisite network support

AJAX supports multisite networks, and if you own a multisite network, then you can select which blogs should appear in the search result and you can also add more than one blog or social networks in the search to keep your search content up-to-date, at the same time.

Support for multiple page builders

AJAX pro search not only supports various page builders like Elementor, WPBakery, and Divi page builder but it can also work as a visual composer and WPBakery page builder.

Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics integration can be enabled with a single click to integrate google analytics to your search results and you can view these keyword phrases as pageviews on your analytics control panel.  

Incorporated cache feature

AJAX pro search comes with a pre-built cache feature that works ideally for sites with considerable traffic. In this way, the most repeated keyword phrases are cached, so no database usage is involved. Moreover, this in-built cache feature is disabled initially and if you need it, you can activate it anytime.

Trace the most searched statistics

Get the record of most examined statistics of recent search phrases with the back-end support which may include graphics or overall statistics, essential phrases list, most researched phrases, or graph of most new phrases.

Amazing back-end support with more than 400 options

Get the freedom of customization on the back-end with AJAX pro which you’ll never find anywhere else. You can create as many search instances as you like and customize the cases as per your need. With more than 400 customizable options, you can control infinite interfaces.

Outclass online customer support

Get quick and friendly assistance by the developers supported by the online ticketing system. Moreover, you can also get complete information regarding installation with online documentation.

AJAX pro search plugin pros

  • Attractive layouts of different search instances with customization options.
  • Search multiple contents such as; woo commerce products, jigshop, E-commerce products, portfolio content and custom fields
  • Keyword suggestions and autocomplete features to facilitate the visitors find what they are looking for.
  • More than four layouts to display search results
  • 100+ pre-made theme options for each four layouts
  • Can also bring about images in search result which is best for Woocommerce store so visitors could watch out the image of the product
  • Multiple page builder support like Elementor, WPBakery, AJAX can also work as a visual composer.
  • Comes with Google Analytics support
  • Built-in caching feature to save the most searched keyword result
  • Highly responsive layouts
  • Online documentation and knowledgebase for further support
  • Multisite and Multilingual support
  • Friendly customer support with online ticketing.

AJAX pro search cons

  • Beginners may find it challenging to handle as there are plenty of options and one can get lost trying each one
  • May find issues when working on shortcodes and header widget. However, keep in touch with customer support, and they will resolve the problems if you find any.

AJAX pro search pricing

The regular license pricing starts at $36 with six months supports by the Envato team. It also includes future updates at this price, and there is no extra cost for future updates.

Wrapping up

If you are looking for a search plugin that could provide the comfort of accurate search results to your visitors where they could easily find out what they are looking for, then I would recommend  AJAX pro search plugin a must-have for your website. AJAX pro search not only enhances the traffic and sales of your products by providing quick and efficient results to your visitors but also provides a next-level comfort of navigation of the whole website without affecting the speed or functionality of your site.

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