The Gravity Forms Basics, the form manager fields

Contact forms are essential for your WordPress website to capture leads and build a loyal customer base.

What kind of contact form plugin should you install? It much depends on your business needs.

Although there are plenty of contact form plugins that are available for free, however, Gravity form plugin is one of the most tried and tested form plugin being in use by many famous brands and top websites.

Why is it one of the best-paid contact form plugin as compared to many other contact plugins that are available for free?

Let’s discuss all of its key features in detail with all the pros and cons of having an in-depth review.

Gravity Form WordPress plugin

Gravity Form is one of the widely used form plugins mainly because of its exceptional long-listed advanced features. Gravity forms come with an easy to go interface where everything works with drag’n drop; you can quickly create any form, survey, polls, online order and quizzes.

Moreover, you can customize the form templates with detailed options and settings, giving you full command on how your form will work.

If you choose Gravity form with Add-ons, then you can enjoy unlimited functionality with many other 3rd party products and services.

Another interesting feature of Gravity form is that you can use Conditional logic that helps you in showing form fields based on the values entered in previous fields, the same way you can send form entries to different recipients.

Gravity Form WordPress Plugin Key Features

Gravity Form is a feature-rich advanced WordPress plugin that comes with the ability to create forms from basic to advanced levels with many configurable settings. Each field has its configuration settings which give you complete control on how the form fields will show up.

Moreover, you can priorities forms availability according to the date, user role and number of entries.

A highly user-intuitive dashboard with drag’n drop form builder where you can create new fields, reorder or rearrange their position.

Gravity Forms is supported by ‘CAPTCHA’ to help you filter spam submission.

Intuitive drag’n drop form builder interface

Gravity form builder comes with user-friendly form builder interface where you can easily manage advanced features.

Now you can create professional-looking clear and sleek designed contact forms with this drag’n drop builder.

Gravity forms have more than 33 different forms of fields, and you can create any form, survey or  quizzes.

form fields

The Gravity Forms has grouped the fields into four categories; standard, advanced, post and pricing. With the help of these four grouped categories, you can easily find and place fields as per your business needs and create a simple contact form, or quote request forms for your services or start taking orders by creating pricing and custom fields for your products.

post fields

The post field section will help you design form that will use submitted form data to create posts drafts on your site.

Smart form field options and setting area

All of the Gravity form fields are configurable and can be customized. You can define each field, whether it is a required field or you need to use placeholder text. You can resize the fields, the position or visibility of fields as well. You can define the fields’ range with the pre-populated data.

The advanced options can easily be accessed through a user-intuitive interface.

Create forms with multiple pages and save-progress button

With gravity forms, you can create forms that can have multiple pages with saving progress options. You can control the availability of these forms by controlling time and dates furthermore; you can select different email addresses and send these form by adjusting time and date ranges. 

Restrict the number of entries your form can accept

Now you can limit the number of entries your form can accept and also define a specific date range of form availability. You can pre-schedule form acceptance and end time date as well. Moreover, send messages to your users regarding the form’s status where you can mention when the form will be available to submit along with the expiry date.         

Conditional Logic feature

Conditional logic is the most advanced feature of Gravity form plugin that allows users to be more selective with their audiences. The conditional logic features will boost customer engagement by displaying only relevant data; thus, increase the conversion rate.

By using the conditional logic feature, you will be displaying data based on the selection of previous entries. In this way, you can polish up notification and send each form submission to the relevant department.

Furthermore, you can select and direct form submission to the specific email addresses of your concerned department keeping in view the content of the forms. Suppose you are receiving forms for your product survey then you can redirect the submission to the product analysis department. Or suppose you are getting bids for the survey about your previous product then you can direct the submission to the customer care department.

Receive Email Notification

Gravity has an email autoresponder system, and whenever a form is submitted, you’ll receive an email about the submitted form. Thereby, you can keep a record of all the leads generated.

File upload option

If you want your users to submit documents or any photos, then Gravity has another option of ‘file upload’ where the users can send any text file or photo that will be automatically uploaded on your server.

Save partially completed forms

With Gravity forms, your visitors have the facility to complete the form partially and save it. They can finish it later and submit it whenever they like to.

Filter spam content

To ensure your site security Gravity forms comes with Google ReCaptcha, Really simple Captcha and Akismet options. If you enable Captcha options, all of the junk and spam would be filtered automatically without infecting your sites.

Responsive layouts

All of the Gravity forms designs are highly responsive with built-in ability to adapt according to the screen sizes. Therefore, all of the forms fit fine in any screen with the great looking display.

Gravity Forms Add-ons

If you like to avail some more features like email marketing services and looking to interact with your users through your forms, then Gravity forms offer basic add-ons such as AWeber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse and MailChimp.

 So, if you are looking to add these services, then go for a pro license for business and developers for $159.

Advanced Gravity Add-ons

The advanced Gravity Add-ons comes with integration with other services such as Dropbox, Fresh Books, Help Scout, PayPal, Slack, and some other services. This plethora of Add-on services enhances the functionality of Gravity forms and makes it more productive for any business and web developers.

Gravity Form WordPress Plugin Pros

  • Drag’n drop form builder with an ability to reorganize and rearrange fields.
  • Create forms according to the dates and time, number of entries, user role, and many others
  • Create multi-page forms and send it according to a pre-defined schedule on different email addresses.
  • Comes with an option to create front-end registration forms
  • Comes with Captcha facility to filter spam submission
  • Receive email notification on each form submission
  • Users being able to upload documents/ photos in separate fields
  • Users can save partially completed forms and save them for later.
  • Mobile responsive form layouts
  • Enhance the functionality of Gravity forms plugin with numerous third-party add-ons such as MailChimp, AWeber, FreshBooks and many others.

Gravity forms plugin cons

  • It doesn’t come with more visual and aesthetic options as many other free form plugins offer.
  • Gravity forms 3rd party integration with other CRM is a bit complicated.
  • Integration with Salesforce and customer interaction can be complicated if you own a large scale business.

Gravity forms pricing

Gravity forms plugins offer three licenses.

Basic License: starts at $59/ year for one site with basic add-ons.

Elite License: starts at $259/ year for unlimited sites with all basic add-ons.

Pro License: starts at $159/ year for three sites with all basic add-ons and pro-add-ons.

Final Thoughts

If your business needs some advanced forms with multiple configurable fields, then I highly recommend Gravity form plugin. Because it has great functionality with detailed settings and options where you have full control in creating new fields as per your business requirements.

Moreover, you can purchase the elite and pro Gravity form licenses also to avail other add-on facilities, once your business grows up, however, if you are looking for some basic sort of form plugin with limited functionalities than you can use contact form 7 or WPForms plugins. 

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