Elementor Vs. Brizy Comparison – 2020 WordPress Guide

Brizy is new to the town, so it’s a bit hard to trust. Check out Elementor vs. Brizy compared, review just below.

The plugins are there to make your WordPress look more impressive. Choosing the best WordPress plugin could turn out to be the most challenging task while managing your website.

From layout to published features, the plugin’s editing capabilities hold a lot into it.

 A right plugin ultimately will lead you to the worthiest access valuing your input the most. What’s best, Elementor or Brizy? Find this out in the most straightforward comparative guide we are going to provide you below.

Find out first before paying.

Elementor Plugin

Elementor comes in two of its versions – Free and Pro. Both of these are equally compatible with the Brizy plugin, which we will discuss in the latter part of the blog. The plugin is equipped with the fastest access to the web pages letting them load faster.

Ultimately, this will save a lot of your valuable time, requiring less in building this up. It turns out to be an All-in-One Solution, maintaining your web design workflow in a streamlined way. Additionally, it allows you to experience 100% visual design terminated with theme builders and template options.

Both free and pro Elementor versions are tacky and come with many widgets to support additional editing your site needs. Either you are a professional Web designer or a Freelancer, this one is all for you.

It comes with many marketing tools letting you win leads and draw more organic traffic to your site. You may also add contact forms at your landing pages via getting access to this famous plugin. It is easy to use as it offers various add-ons, letting you manipulate things just in a few clicks. Check out the few enthusiastic user reviews attached below.

Let’s skip to the next, Brizy Creative Plugin!

Brizy Plugin

Brizy is an innovative and strategic option for your word press. Its intuitive design is likely to earn more of your interest, pulling you to work more eagerly. Though both Elementary and Brizy offer free and Pro versions, neither has an edge-on over specific points.

Brizy comes with modern designing tools and is a user-friendly plugin for both the WordPress and the Cloud. It saves a lot of time. It offers an option that allows you to change the whole of the site’s formatting just a click beyond.

It, too, offers pre-made blacks and templates from which you can choose. This will form the basis of your webpages and hence need to be wildly grasping in its visuals.

It’s reviewed popularly as a game-changer. Brizy comes up with nine pre-made global styles, 11 categories, 500+ block designs, light & dark versions, etc. You can even enjoy unlimited hosting, letting you switch to the designing sites almost immediately.

You no longer have to worry about incompatible PHP versions annoying you much. Users are relatively happy and review it shortly like, ‘This changes everything.’  Check out notable reviews below for a better insight.

Now just make a comparison between the two. I’ll be doing, and you just have to dive into it to understand aspects of both the plugins better.

Elementor Vs. Brizy

We’ll look into the common similar aspects of both the plugins and try comparing its basics for getting relevant sources of information. Here we go!

Hosted Platforms

Elementor just works over WordPress. This plugin doesn’t work on the sites other than WordPress until you purchase a separate hosting plan. Brizy does have the edge over this domain. It’s available for both WordPress and Cloud.

Apart from this, Brizy offers an unlimited hosting plan, which turns out to be more compatible when compared to self-hosted WordPress sites. Cloudlet one accomplishes the task in less time.

Our multi-talented Brizy wins this somehow!

Customized mobile view

 Your phone and tablet site customization is easily manageable and does not require desktop interference in the regime.

Not the same case with Elementor! Brizy offers this as a prominent feature of the plugin. Instead, you do not need to hunt to make changes and instead edit it all through your smartphone by click. It, too, eliminates on sea distractions, which might be problematic. Elementor fails to offer clear cut altering manuals with this typical plugin.

Price value  

Brizy wins here too! It comes with a wide variety of options at many affordable prices when compared with Elementor. Check out the screenshots attached below.

Custom elements

Elementor stands out in this term. It lets you create your elements with an API. Brizy no longer supports this element, but it has promised to add this in some time. Widget supportive elements are custom element API of the plugin format.

Theme Fonts

These are the themes acquainted with the fonts on the site. Previously, editing fonts integrated with theme changing. It makes the task difficult and prevents you from opting for your favorite font type without changing its theme.

Default fonts options were invented to manage this up. As with Brizy, there is no such customization yet available. I hope to get some updates in the future while Elementor helps manage it just in a click.

Have one to check well, all by yourself.


It is an apparent build-in feature every page builder must possess, or called a malicious plugin to work. There’s a whole of the template library where you have hundreds of options to choose from it. Both Brizy and Elementor present a good template variety to start.

Time saver buck

Who do you think will turn out to be the most effective in this term? Of course, Brizy! Brizy saves a lot of your time by changing the site’s colors and landscape in a go. It just takes a few seconds to stand out while using global templates Brizy has. Brizy helps change the font’s colors just immediately to get up to the color pallet.

Kit design

Brizy held a superior position in kKit designing terms when it comes to comparison. Elementor Kit provides extra addons, including 45+ Pre-designed Header and footer templates, 250+ ready blocks, several widgets, and WooCommerce affiliations, and many more. At the same time, Brizy is a collection of above 500 blocks to opt. It Gives a broad that variety of options to work through and produce modern designs of your site. Hero Headers are the vital add ons that Brizy presents.

User Friendly

This plugin aspect is highly valuable and comes with a drag-and-drop interface builder that lets you expand your sites’ value. Image editing is even made easy with this. Crop or resize it with the efficient toolbar options.

You are changing fonts & colors in Elementor needs to be done individually. While in Brizy, you may shift your focus more towards building a website without just hunting for the elements and backups.

Comparisons made easy

Key Features BrizyElementor
Drag and drop editorPresentPresent
Front end editorPresentPresent
Padding and margin adjustmentsPresentAbsent
Basic styling optionsPresentPresent
Advanced Styling OptionsPresentPresent
Background images and videos supportivePresentPresent
Hover effectsPresentPresent
Custom FontsPresentPresent
Slider ModulePresentPresent
Social Media linkingAbsentPresent
Popup builderPresentPresent
Library with pre-designed layoutsPresentPresent

Summing Up

Though Brizy is new to the town, it stacks up the long list. However, it came late in the market but draws a large amount of attention span worth having. Soon site makers start producing content comparing Brizy with Divi Builder / Elementor or Beaver Builder, which are top names in the market. Learn more about each by checking out the official websites.

Brizy’s customization, rather one-click customization, turns out to be a time-saving option for most busy developers and freelancers. Moreover, controlling most stuff through inline optimization lets, you do something diverse that you won’t find with the old Elementor. Try Brizzy to discover more.

Installation takes place quickly, and there are just a few steps you have to follow:

  • Install Brizy as a WordPress plugin.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Go to WordPress and click add new.
  • Edit with your new plugin.

The new way to design your website feels innovative and exciting. That’s all. Your professional WordPress website is ready to rock.  

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