Elementor free vs. Elementor Pro Comparison – What to opt, and what not?

Say goodbye to free-pro difficulties giving you a headache! Full Comparison Just for You. Elementor free vs. Elementor Pro.

Is it getting harder for you to opt for one of them? Don’t you worry! I’ll lead you to a path by showing different comparisons between the two. The Elementor Free version shows prominent popularity among WordPress users. 

Elementor Free, on its individuality, supports limitless user-friendly options. However, Elementor Pro allows you to access high-class tools to improve your work’s professionalism and speed.

From layout to published features, the plugin’s editing capabilities hold a lot into it. Check out the comparative research below.

To have access to the Pro type element, you need to subscribe to the premium subscription. Or other way around, thank God to have ultimate access to 50 plus options all for free.

Check out Free Vs. Pro guide with what I am providing you.

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What are the accessible features Elementor Free equipped?

Elementor Free is easy to use and install. Just download it from the official WordPress website, and you’re done to run its fascinating features all for Free. It’s only the most suitable plugin option if you don’t want to get a headache using those confusing HTML codes-all good for a startup website to head on to the pro-line.

Its accessibility is more of a premium type. The simple drag-down interface can help design your pages and give the most profound visuals using existing layouts. Amazingly, you can create a multi-column layout for your landing pages, as this feature is much missed in default WordPress versions.

It takes all the pains, relieving you to the most. You can surely save your page template styles for future use without bearing problems of reusing pages each time you startup. It allows better integration of your site and product pages, as in WooCommerce shop pages. 

Building a website even gets more straightforward with this. It offers free templates, bocks, and elements to bring about the most desirable format as if a mainstream, experienced WordPress developer achieves it.

Below is the list of critical features to let you have a better insight.

Template Library

Elementor free offers 100 plus templates to build up a responsive website. A lot of collection comes with content blocks that you just need to add on your page via choosing from them.


I was super amazed to find 25 free widgets to help you design your webpages. It includes the Heading creator, image changer, text editor, icon list, counter, progress bars, tabs, shortcodes, menu anchor, sidebars, columns, and a lot other, which I leave on you to discover.

Above is a sorted list of all widgets it offers.

Responsive Editing

You’ll get Action responsiveness with suitable editing. You may edit in any way you want. Either it is your tablet, laptop, or mobile phone, you can manage your website functions beyond clicks.

You may change your layouts and can preview pages for visualization.

RTL and LTR Support

RTL and LTR are languages that are associated with the FRee version of Elementor PLugin. It allows your written text to translate into different languages. Approximately 23 language translation options are available.

Background Options

Your page background must be appealing to grasp views. The plugin comes with simple background customization options helping you to achieve your target. It also allows you to add a video on your page’s background to make it look alive and real.

Let’s jump into the Pro version to discover its significant specifications.

What is the accessibility features Elementor Pro equipped?

It is the most extensive form of the Elementor Free version is Elementor Pro. A real Pro! It allows you to work with the most needed professionality that empowers your working regimen a great deal. It can provide you with extra vigilant options that you’d be somewhat missing in its free version. The page builder offers better site-building capabilities. Below is the list of features which are Extras on this Pro subscription:

Theme Builder

Elementor Pro is an exact website solution for WordPress. It addresses the significant issues which Elementor free isn’t capable of doing so. It allows adding dynamic content to your site and lets you alter theme plans accessible according to your needs.

Your entire site structure is affordable while equipping it with design elements. It helps customize the header and footer, change layouts, post archives, link it with WooCommerce to get a probable wishlist of yours. You’ll earn better-looking pages for your site. It helps customize every bit of your theme beyond all limitations.

Page Templates and Blocks

Elementor pro provides professional templates and blocks for further customization. Pro widget integration allows you to create slides and animated headlines without getting access to another plugin/widget. It, too, will enable you to wind up your work within less time.

The Elementor Free version does not offer these options.  

Contact Form Building

Creating forms on the website is relatively comfortable with the Pro type. Your contact forms are somewhat necessary if you are a preliminary targeting sales portfolio. Your paper can get designed and connected efficiently to any of the marketing platforms of your choice.

Pro Widgets

It comes with 50 plus impressive addons, uplifting the professionality associated with your website. The widgets allow you to have better customization of your web pages and manage the themes with most proficiency in a go.

These include Login options, Breadcrumbs, Author Box, Price Table, Countdown, Testimonial Carousel, etc.

With updates, you are likely to avail of more launched widgets of the Pro.

Custom CSS option

It allows a real-time experience with Theme Customizer. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) refers to the webpage linguistics. CSS lets you tweak your sites and attain desirable customization easily.

You may head on to changing fonts, layouts, sizes, and appearances while integrating with this. Things get more comfortable with CSS.

Now head on to an easy comparison shift between the two.

Elementor Free Vs. Elementor Pro

I’ll share a detailed account, but before heading to it, presenting you a table for better comparative insight in a go. Check this out!

FeaturesElementor FreeElementor Pro
24/7 updates NoYes
Drag Drop EditorYesYes
Responsive Mobile EditingYesYes
Pro Templates & BlocksNoYes
Custom CSSNoYes
Animated HeadlinesNoYes
Professional WidgetsNoYes
Canvas TemplateYesYes
Popup BuilderNoYes
Call to Action WidgetNoYes
Theme ElementsNoYes
Price Table WidgetsNoYes
Woo Product WidgetsNoYes
Contact FormsNoYes
Active Campaign IntegrationNoYes

Though the above comparative list goes on a long way and I’ve pointed out just a few important ones. Here is a wordy description of what’s stated above in the table. The Pro Version is more adamant about pulling you to the edgiest entails imparting professional streaks at every point.

Tweaking your site no longer remains a problem with this widget as it holds on to the every needed bit.

The Pro version offers Professional Templates and blocks for easy customization featuring animated headings and slideshows on your webpage. It comes with a theme builder allowing you to work beyond all the limitless accusations you’ve been holding.

It comes without letting you bear the coding headache allowing you complete the assigned tasks by earliest.

Pro Version lets you create contact forms and WooCommerce widget associations to earn leads to your site. Your front end form designing can preferably be accurately integrated backhand to your choice’s automation marketing platform.

It offers limitless widgets that put in hand with other customized options the site gives.  A professional web designer is always in search of highly optimized devices to draw impressive site displays.

Join Elementor Pro today after you’ve gone through Elementor Free version, all Free!

Summing Up

Choosing between the two is most relatable to your project type. If you’re a Professional Designer, you need Pro access to this plugin. It will help you get done with the task most efficiently, drawing you to a targeted task type. Check out more details just here.

If you’re just new to WordPress, I’ll suggest using the Free Version and discovering the inaccessible widgets in it. Get access to the free version all by free. Just install it from the official Elementor website. The Elementor Free version will prove that they’re worth it first all for free.  You are all set to start All Free.

Opt wisely! And find better through us will be a great finding.

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