Create A Stunning Blog Design With Astra Theme

Do you want to create a stunning, great looking, and fully customizable blog quickly and without any coding knowledge? Astra theme is a free addon on a starter template plugin that will help you build an awesome blog design in no time. With the help of Astra Theme, you can import templates, customize your blog, and create an awe-inspiring blog design.

astra for a blog design

So are you ready? Do you want to build a stunning blog design with a flexible and a lightweight theme? If yes then Astra is the right choice for you.

Let’s get started….

Install Astra Theme And Starter Templates Plugin

Astra theme is best for newbies, developers and professional bloggers.  It will not only help you build a strong foundation of your blog but it’s simple, code-free and friendly design will help you design a stunning blog quickly and easily.  Moreover, using Astra theme is never a regretting moment for any; it is light weighted and well coded. So, now loading and bugs won’t be any issue; you just need Astra theme.

Most importantly, it is a freemium theme; you can avail its free version and if you wish to upgrade its features then you can avail their pro version too.

Are you still wondering if you should install Astra theme or not?

Would you install it if it was free?

Yes! Astra theme and it’s starter template plugins are absolutely FREE! So, if you are short of cash or you want to check the credibility and usability of Astra theme; go on! You won’t regret it!

starter template for blog astra

So without further delay let’s install Astra theme and its starter templates plugin

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard; Both the extensions are listed at
  • Click on install Astra theme
  • Click on install now Astra starter sites- Elementor, Beaver Builder & Gutenburg templates
page builder blog

After installing, now its time to import your blog design

Import blog design

  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Appearance> Astra Options>  Astra Starter Sites
  • Now you will be directed to select the page builder. Astra offers four page builder options; Gutenburg, Elementor, Beaver Builder and Brizy.
  • Once you have selected your preferred page builder click next.
  • Now you will be directed to starter templates; select the one you like best.

Remember, Astra theme offers free templates and premium ones too. So, if you want to use the free templates click on the free tab. simply clicking on the template with help you preview it; so chose the one you like best. There are more than 100 ready templates available for your

  • Once you have finalized the design you like click on preview button and
  • Now its time to start the import process; click import site
  • To view your site; click on the button again.

Congrats you have a great looking design right there!

However, if you wish to customize your blog; it’s never too late. Their customizer control options offer wide range of customization controls; so now designing your blog according to your style is no more difficult.

Customize Blog Post

Astra theme customizer options will help you customize the colors on your blog, chose fonts, select the layout and much more.

So are you ready to customize our blog post?

Go To Appearance> Customize> Blog

customize blog layout

Now you will directed to two options: blog/archive or single post

Blog Archive

Blog archive is collection of posts that are grouped to showcase your work, share information about your product and publish updates about your products in an interesting manner. So, to customize your blog archive page, Astra theme offers four regular setting options; blog post content, blog post structure, blog Meta, and blog content width.

blog archive elements

Blog post content

Blog post content is the written information or the written content of a blog. So you can manage your blog post content in either full content or excerpt content

In full content option the entire write up/content is visible to the archive page. Whereas in the excerpt content only a short extract of the content is displayed. In the excerpt content the default length is 55 words for a free Astra theme customize option. Whereas, in the pro version of Astra you have a full control over the word count.

Blog post structure

With the help of blog post structure option you can manage the featured image, title and blog Meta of your blog post.

Astra theme also allows its users to disable or hide the feature image and blog Meta setting. Once you hide them or tuning off the title will disappear the blog Meta option. So be vigilant in customizing your blog post.  Blog Meta is an essential and important element for your blog, so disabling is not the right decision

Blog Meta

Blog Meta is a short description of the blog or the content you have written. The reader is always eager to know this extra information because it will help them decide whether the information present in the blog is worth their time or not.

So, enable the option and customize the blog Meta with its customization options; number of comments received, post, and author, publish date and tags.

Blog content width

Astra theme also allows users to manage the blog content width. You can either set the content width to default setting or set it according to your style; customize. If you chose the customize option; then you can customize the width of your blog from scale range 0-500.

Typography settings

Typography is the most interesting part of customization. Under this setting option you can design your archive title and post title according to your style. Chose the font, color, and style your blog into a great looking design in no time. No hassle, no coding knowledge, no need for experts help; you only need Astra theme to create a beautiful stunning blog design.

Now if you want to customize single post or individual blog topics; Astra theme also allows you to do it with ease.

Single Post 

Go To Appearance> Customize> Blog> Single Post Within the single post you can customize your blog post content width, structure and Meta. You can either set the content width to default option or customize it according to your need.

single post settings

In the structure option you can add feature images and title and blog meta. Whereas, in the Meta option you can customize comments, category, author, publish date and tag. Simply clicking on the eye icon will help you enable/ disable the option.

Astra Theme Pro

The Astra theme free version is not only compatible but is light weighted super-fast and highly recommendable. Whereas, if you want to avail further advanced options you may get hooked with their pro version. Let’s look into some of their pro version offerings:

  • It allows users to create amazing grid, masonry and list layouts for blog and archive pages
  • It offers numbered pagination and infinite scroll pagination
  • For meta, they are offering Read Time Estimator; it gives the visitor idea about the length of the blog

For single posts; author info box, auto loading previous posts are additional customization option Astra Pro is offering.

astra pro theme

So now removing padding beside the feature image and automatically viewing the previous post without clicking is no more difficult. It will not only keep your user engaged within your articles but will keep your visitors involved in your blogs too.

  • Astra theme offers a large collection of beautiful, stunning and attractive starter templates. They are definitely worth investing the money
  • Astra pro also offers site layout module. Site layout module offers full width layout, fluid layout, fixed width and padded layout option. With the help of their distinct site layout options you can create creative, awe-inspiring and unique blog and archive pages with no hassle.


Astra theme is a fremium, fast, light weighted theme available in the market. It will not only help you build a stunning blog quickly and easily but also help you build a website with ease. With the help of Astra theme you can control design of your blog posts and archive pages. It offers wide range of customization options; you can manage content, width, Meta and typography according to your own will and desire. Styling blogs and archive pages is now no more hassle. You just need Astra Theme and your work will be integrated with ease and within minutes. Astra is a free theme, however, if you want to add glitter to your blogs then you can also avail their premium version. Astra pro offers additional customization options that are not only worthy but also cost effective option to avail.

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