How to migrate your website to Flywheel hosting

Are you the one looking for migrating your website to Flywheel hosting because you want to benefit yourself from its different features? The Flywheel is a platform that provides you easy to manage to host with numerous add-ons such as one-click pushing changes to live server.

When you have to start a new host, the most frightening thing you will face is the migration process. But not anymore because Flywheel has provided numerous options and has a dedicated team for the migration process.

About Migration

The highly trained and experienced migration team makes sure that the site is migrated smoothly like a butter. Before we move towards the guide lets, have a look at the basics first. Site migration is a process that includes copying the site from one hosting to another. However, when it comes to Flywheel’s migration, we can provide you a further breakdown of the process.

Flywheel provides WordPress hosting, which means that it gives you a one clicks installation of WordPress on the server. It offers extra security for those WordPress core files for extra safety and permanency.

During the process of migration, it is not necessary to bring along any of the WordPress core. The migration experts simply migrate content files, any significant non-WordPress root directories, and a complete copy of the database.

This migration process is straightforward and easy because we want our customer to migrate their website without stress. With numerous options to ensure they can cover up all kinds of scenarios, Flywheel has become one of the best options for you. So let’s get started.

Why Flywheel hosting is the best? The flywheel is one of the top hosting platforms of the modern age. Its fast speeds, reliable performance, and support allow you to run your WordPress site run efficiently. With the help of its amazing addons, it becomes straightforward to build a website from scratch. Furthermore, the one-click staging feature has made life easy for developers.

As a developer, addons must provide you quick publishing features along with straightforward techniques for migration on to Flywheel hosting. So let’s move on with our guide that will give you a step by step procedure through which you can easily migrate your website to Flywheel.

Moving Your Site to Flywheel

Using Flywheel should be one of your top choices when it comes to hosting your website. This guide is one of the most efficient processes through which you can quickly move your site. Just follow our step by step guide and enjoy fast and amazingly efficient flywheel hosting.

1. Request a new migration

The first step involved in migration is to request the Flywheel for migration. Go to our login page and verify your identity through your credentials. After we have verified your credentials, you can move forward with our migration process.

This link is also available right above the footer on the Flywheel Dashboard.

2. Select your path

Once you log into the platform, it provides you with two options. The first one is to migrate it yourself and the second one is to let Flywheel do the task. For this guide, we will be following the first method to move our site to Flywheel hosting.

There are a few people who simply don’t feel confident moving their site all by themselves. However, the process of migrating the sire is one of the quickest ways to migrate the site. So what are we waiting for let’s get on the next step?

3. Select the Migration Timeline

Here you will decide how quickly this migration will take place. There are two options available, which are known as Standard and Expedition. We offer our customers free of cost, known as Standard Option.

The Standard option doesn’t charge any single bit from the customer. However, you will have to wait for three business days for the migration to be complete in this option. Whereas the Expedition option charges $49 and ensures migration is complete within eight business hours.

It is significant to know that migration timelines are according to the US central time. Moreover, these migration services are not available on Saturdays and Sundays. The official time for a migration is till 5 pm US Central Time from Monday to Friday. In case of urgent migrations, customers might have to utilize the self-migration option.

4. Choose the Flywheel Destination

Here in this segment, you will choose the destination where you want to have our migration experts move the site. In case you have a site created on Flywheel, and you want to move it, just select yes, and you will get the option of sites as shown below in the dropdown.