The best e-learning plugin that plays well with PowerPoint

The best e-learning plugin that plays well with PowerPoint

Powerpoint is a very essential and powerful tool when it comes to the aspect of e-learning platforms. It is practically impossible to build an e-learning platform without necessarily requiring presentations. Presentation is vital in e-learning platforms.
Powerpoint is the most suitable tool for presentations, has no direct method of addition to an e-learning platform. Powerpoint needs to be converted to some form before it can be played directly on an e-learning platform.
For every course to be correctly understood, we must summarise the content into coherent facts that explain the entire course content. And Powerpoint is like the hammer that breaks the rock; it answers all the requirements needed to write a course presentation.
Before we delve into talking about the best e-learning platform that plays well with Powerpoint, we must first see how the PowerPoint files get into an LMS platform since there is no direct entry for a playable PPT file.

How PowerPoint playable files look like online

PowerPoint files have two formats to be converted if we want to play them online;

  • HTML5 (HyperText Mark-up Language 5) format gives you the possibility of playing the file on P.C and Mobile devices.
  • The SCORM (which means Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is suitable for uploading on LMS (Learning Management System).
  • TINCAN is the most updated format of PPT suitable for LMS. It is better than SCORM in that it goes the extra mile to allow you to report multi-scores, track simulations, and even track offline Learning; it is also known as xAPI.
    SCORM is the widely used e-learning standard. If an LMS is SCORM conformant, it can play any SCORM content; any SCORM content can play in any SCORM conformant LMS; This makes you excited and saves a lot of time and money.
    SCORM has served us well, but it doesn’t depict the whole picture of e-learning.
    Learning is happening everywhere, not just in local SCORM courses inside local LMSs. The Experience API lets you keep a record of your learning experience, wherever it happens. The Experience API gives you the sensation of being thrilled by the whole picture.

E-learning plugins that play Powerpoint

Many e-learning plugins help you play PowerPoint presentations on your e-learning platform, some of which we are looking at below;

1) iSpring Learn.

iSpring is a cloud-based LMS that allows you to create and deliver training programs very fast, and it encompasses a large scale of training needs;

iSpring provides you with an automated learning tracking system, permitting you to monitor each client’s progress.

It also comes with an in-build authoring system by which you can give clients course rights.

iSpring also has an advanced reporting system having a visual dashboard and flexibility in customization
But the disadvantage of iSpring is that there is no support for XAPI, PENS, and LTI; it does not integrate with CRM and H.R.; and also does not provide a discussion board for social Learning.

2) talentLMS

TalentLMS is a cost-effective LMS that has all that we expect from an LMS. It has an introductory course authoring option; allows the creation of explicit course content using PPT, videos, and SCORM packages. The platform enables learners to record and upload their videos for easy assessment through an A.I. engine leveled on keywords and speech rate. It has an easy-to-use cloud-based system that doesn’t need a constant update or backup of data.
The TalentLMS plugin allows you to;

create simple courses and quizzes using its built-in tools.

To create courses with minimal effort. You can use your presentations, videos, and other online material within the system

Easily customize. As with pretty much everywhere else, you can add a custom domain, logo, and color theme.

3) Moodle

The Moodle also allows you to import SCORM and TINCAN, with the possibility to create custom education solutions to develop and manage courses. It also includes plugins to help you manage grading, tracking, reports.
It has the following as core features
• It has a modern, intuitive interface for all types of devices.
• You can personalize Dashboard to track current courses.
• It has a comprehensive calendar that helps you settle up with course deadlines.
• Effective file manager for storing study files between your online storage boxes like dropBox, google drive.
• It has an easy-to-use text editor that works smoothly on all browsers and devices
• Notifies for new assignments, deadlines, or personal messages
• Detailed reporting and logs of activity and participation
• Multimedia integration for easy adoption of video and audio content into the courses
• Possibility to do peer and self-assessment.

4) The BlackBoard learn

Blackboard being one of the most popular e-learning platforms and one of the first to adopt the xAPI also leads in the use of xAPI to display course content.
• It has an announcement panel, chat, discussions, and mail to ensure smooth communication and distribution of course materials throughout the course.
• The course content feature allows teachers to post articles, assignments, videos as part of course material.
• Learning module for online classes allows professors to post different lessons for students to access
• Assessments module to post web-based quizzes and exams
• Grade Book: teachers may publish grades for students to view in the system.
• Media Library: allows educators to enliven their material with videos and other media.

5) Learndash

Learndash is also one of the leading LMS plugins in e-learning platform development; you can transform an existing website into a learning platform. It works well with SCORM but not xAPI. To use xAPI, you need to integrate an LRS( Learning Record Store), which becomes expensive to use.
It has the following core features
• It can implement multi-tier courses. Break up courses into topics, tests, and categories.
• It also comes with custom certificates and points for achievements.
• Assignment management. Comment on and approve submitted assignments.
• Lesson timers to configure time limits per class.
• Timely reports. Track user progress and quiz results.
• Extended compatibility: videos, Articulate & Adobe Captivate files, images, Google Docs.
• Group Management for effective user segmentation and targeting.

6) LifterLMS

LifterLMS has no direct implementation of SCORM or xAPI. LifterLMS can only embed both SCORM and Xapi if integrated with the GrassBlade plugin and the Experience API to upload and display SCORM xAPI files.

The experience with the LifterLMS/GlassBlade is a powerful one because you get the opportunity to store your data in an external LRS plugin.

7) eLogic Learning

the eSSential LMS plugin is accurate tracking and reporting LMS plugin that supports both SCORM and TINCAN (xAPI) with the shortcoming that you can only use for small businesses.
It has the following features

• It provides audit-ready compliance reports, surveys, ratings, and reviews
• the certifications for employees/students/customers: are auto-generated certificate.
• It has a robust reporting system with Built-in standard reports and an Ad Hoc report engine.
• Optimized for mobile training. A wide range of supported devices.

Best e-learning plugin for running SCORM or xAPI

LifterLMS is the best LMS plugins for building e-learning platforms because of the numerous additives it comes with, and It can be the best suited for running SCORM or xAPI. Though it does not have a direct system to fit in the SCORM or xAPI, it still tops the list of my favorite plugins to use when displaying PPT files because it gives you the possibility to integrate with the best external LRS plugin that handles SCORM and xAPI. Its intuition of bringing in the GrassBlade LRS plugin does the trick.
GrassBlade is the best LRS plugin when talking about SCORM or xAPI, and its accessible communication with the Experience API makes the deal set.
Though it is expensive to use LifterLMS and GrassBlade, with the Experience API, it is worth it because they both give a sleek edge to the user’s experience when taking a course.

All you need to set up your LifterLMS ppt experience is

  1. GrassBlade xAPI Companion
  2. LifterLMS
  3. Experience API for LifterLMS
  4. GrassBlade LRS or GrassBlade Cloud LRS

GlassBlade supports HTML5, xAPI, cmi5, or SCORM content which means you can easily use iSpring ppt to SCORM or xAPI converter.

Uploading the HTML5, xAPI, cmi5, SCORM, or Video content on WordPress is handled by the GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin;
LifterLMS lesson or quiz complete when the user completes the added content is controlled by both GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade LRS.

My second choice is the TalentLMS which is also ranked amongst the best LMS plugins. TalentLMS is an xAPI and SCORM-compliant LMS. You can upload zip files from the authoring tool of your choice, and in a few clicks, you’re ready to start training. It also provides you the capability to track learning activities, both online and offline, and channel them to an external Learning Record System (LRS).
• TalentLMS integrates with an LRS to store your data.
• You do not need a long process to upload zip files to the xAPI LMS.
• It is mobile-friendly, and you can engage your learners anywhere and at any time.
• It creates an automated curriculum for your learners.
• You can organize, reuse and share files with selected users.
• It also provides for evaluation of progress for every course and every learner.


Getting PPT to play in LMS is very important for the learning community and getting to know how effectively you can do this gives your website a plus in attracting more clients. LifterLMS and TalentLMS proved to be the day savers in implementing PPT on e-learning platforms. They provide large-scale services that notwithstanding the other plugins to serve the purpose, but the output might not be what you desire.

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