Manage WooCommerce With Ultimate Addons For Elementor

Starting an eCommerce site using WooCommerce widgets is not only trendy but an essential need today. You must be fully aware that WooCommerce is the most popular, flexible, cost-effective, and efficient e-commerce platform that is best for newbies and developers.

To compete effectively in the market you need a fully integrated WooCommerce site. However, beginners may find it difficult to set and manage WooCommerce on their own.

For non-techy users setting up a WooCommerce would be a rock of the mountain, but it is not even a rocket-science that is hard to grasp.

Ultimate Addons For Elementor is an effective WordPress widget that has helped over thousands of newbie’s and professional developers manage the WooCommerce site with ease. Within this article, we will help you set up your WooCommerce with the best WooCommerce Widget;

Ultimate Addons For Elementor. This guide will help you grow your store and earn high rewards, attain heavy traffic – ultimately leading to high sales, revenues, and profits.

Install Ultimate Addons For Elementor

You must be wondering where to find Ultimate AddOns For Elementor?

Well installing it is really easy. Elementor itself offers third party Elementor add-ons on its website.

It is offering 16 third party addons for its Elementor users. However, within this guide we will only be focusing on “Ultimate AddOns For Elementor; the WooCommerce Widget” Go to the Elementor website and you will be directed to their third-party extras page.

Now, without further delay let’s install Elementor addons. Remember you cannot install the add-ons until you have activated the Elementor plugin itself. So, start with the following:

Install And Activate The Elementor Plugin.

  • Go to your WordPress Website> Dashboard
  • Now, go to the Plugins> Add New
  • In the search box type Elementor
  • Click on the Install Now button
  • Once installed, press the Activate button

That’s it! You have successfully installed and activated the Elementor plugin. 

Purchase Ultimate Elementor Add-On

Elementor will appear among the list of your plugins installed. Now, go to the settings page and configure the ultimate Elementor add-on, or simply click here. You will be directed to the Ultimate AddOns For Elementor directly.

Don’t forget to click on ‘Get Started’.

Pricing Strategy Of Ultimate Elementor Add-Ons

 They offer three pricing tiers within their two pricing bundles. Within the annual pricing bundle; the Ultimate Addons costs $55, Mini Agency $169, and Agency Bundle $249. Their Agency Bundle is the most liked by their users due to its exquisite features.

Convert Pro Plugin, Schema Pro Plugin, Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder, SkillJet Academy Membership and Access To Future Plugins are the most promising features the product bundle withholds.  

Moreover, within their Lifetime Annual Pricing Bundle; The Ultimate Add-On Costs $249, Mini Agency $499 And Agency Bundle $699.

Why You Need Ultimate Addons For Elementor

If you want to enhance your website design with ease; you need Ultimate Elementor Addon; WooCommerce Widget.

That’s not all!

It offers lots of other widgets and design options. Moreover, it offers more than 21 widgets and exceptional features best for newbie’s and professional experts. The Image Gallery Widget, Price List Widget, Hotspot Tour Widget, How To Schema Widget are best among the list.

You can try these too!

Therefore, if you are looking for a third party plugin that can help you customize your WooCommerce WordPress website; then Ultimate Addon For Elementor is the right choice.

 Most importantly, it offers wide range of advanced and unique features that other addons fail to provide. Want to know more?

Features Of Ultimate Elementor Addon

Website Templates

Ultimate Addon For Elementor offers more than 100 prebuild website stunning templates for its users. With the help of these templates, you can customize your website and speed up your workflow.

Their templates; your design; leading to an intuitive, appealing beautiful customized WooCommerce website!

Section Blocks

It also offers more than 200 prebuilt section blocks with a drag and drop option. So, with just a few clicks you can customize your page your way!

Widgets And Extensions

Ultimate Addons For Elementor offers wide range of widgets that will make your page building experience not only fun but super easy. There are more than 50 widgets and extensions available on their website; useful and unique in every perspective.

With the help of these widgets, you can create a perfect design for your site; they are not only fast and light-weighted but it features the top UX approaches. So now, you don’t need coding knowledge or technical skills to build your website; you can customize your website according to your intuition.

However, you need their WooCommerce widget if you want to build a beautiful, eye-catching WooCommerce WordPress site.

WooCommerce Widget

Ultimate Addons For Elementor is the perfect widget to manage WooCommerce; a separate widget for your online store; The WooCommerce Widget.  It is not only 100 % responsive but will also help you create a beautiful, user-friendly online store easily; adjustable to any screen resolution.   

WooCommerce widget will not only enhance your online store design but also create an awesome shopping experience of your customers. Your customers will love the way you display your products for sale.

Want to know more?

Features Of WooCommerce Widget

Ultimate Addon For Elementor WooCommerce Widget will help you display your products and services in a better manner. It will not only attract your potential customers towards your products but also urge them to buy it.

Let’s look into some of the features of WooCommerce Widget.

Layouts And Skins

They offer two layouts; grid and carousel layouts with full customization options. In the grid option, all the products can be seen directly on the front page.

Whereas, in the carousel layout the customer needs to navigate through the products showcased on the website.

Elementor widget also allows users to showcase their products according to the customized columns and products per page. This feature is applicable for the grid option only.

The slider option also offers wide range of customization options; navigation option, total product, products to show, products to scroll, autopay, auto play speed, pause on hover and infinite loop option.

Moreover, both the layouts offer prebuilt beautiful skins; modern and classic. This will not only help their users save time arranging products but also display the products according to their needs.

The Classic Skin has the add-to-cart button in the description box.

On the other hand, the Modern Skin has the ‘add-to-cart’ and quick view option within the image itself.

Moreover within the layout option the widget allows users to adjust the column and row gap; ranging from 0 -100.

Query Builder

 Ultimate Addons For Elementor supports an advanced query builder that will help your customers easily purchase the product they are looking for. Searching the right product from tons of products is a really difficult task; but their powerful query builder resolves this issue with ease.

Within their query builder, they offer three options; All Products, Custom Query, Manual Selection Custom query is the most effective query builder as it further allows users to set category filter rule; match categories, and exclude categories.

The query builder also offers tag filter rule, select tags, offset features.

Product Popup

A lightbox enlisting all the information about the product are always appealing to customers. If you get attracted to popups; so will your customers.

Therefore, Ultimate Addon For Elementor’s interactive product popups not only displays all the details of the products the customer clicks on but saves them time as well.

Due to these product popups, your customer may view your products more; since the popup already entails all the details like title, description, price, color, and other.

Featured flashes not only grasp customers’ attention but also surges business sales and revenues. So, if you plan to highlight your product with sale flash/ sale tags; their bubble shaped flash is the right one.

It will not only attract the user but also display products with a description string. The sale flash feature offers two flash content options; Custom And Default Option.

The default option states the ‘sale’ flash on your discounted items.

In the custom option you can state the amount of discount, or any other catchy statement you want your customers to see.

Moreover, you can also customize the sale flash option with flash style feature; square, custom, and circle. Within the sale flash style feature; you can customize the size, margin, color, background color, and typography.

Enable/Disable Section

There are certain times when you want to show or hide certain sections of a product; this is where ultimate addons for elementor comes up. It helps it users control every section with a simple toggle.

With the help of their show/hide content feature; users can toggle title, ratings, price, short description, add to cart, and category option according to your need.   


Ultimate Addon For Elementor is one of the most popular and demanding addon WooCommerce Widget that has helped millions of users design their websites easily. It is the best choice for newbie’s and even professional developers.

So if anyone wants to build an awesome, stunning, and unique website quickly and easily Ultimate Add For Elementor’s WooCommerce Widget is the right choice. Its advanced and unique features are just rocking!

It is best to manage a WooCommerce site. Its attractive product layouts, advanced query builder, interactive product popups, stylish flashes and highly customized content options are helping users manage their WooCommerce with ease.

So, if you are planning to build a WooCommerce site; get hooked with Ultimate Addon For Elementor and enjoy full control of their WooCommerce Widget.

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