WordPress news theme comparison: Newspaper vs. Astra

Creating an excellent news website does not necessitate you to become a web designer. We have templates like the Newspaper theme and the ASTRA theme, which provides you with an almost readymade template for your website. In this writeup, we will be comparing both themes to see which is more suitable for every user. 

Newspaper is a stunning news theme designed with the publishing business in mind by tagDiv. Newspaper combines a solid and attractive style with the strength of flexibility to handle enormous quantities of material. Newspaper is a must-have template for beginners and expert WordPress users since it makes the website appear professional. Newspaper by tagDiv is the best-selling WordPress news theme of all time. Newspaper is a unique and one-of-a-kind theme for magazine sites, with clean and modern architecture. This adaptable and retina-ready template was created with your audience in mind and provides many choices for tiny screen devices. Newspaper enables you to choose how your material appears on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. The Newspaper template is a fantastic choice whether you want to take your time and enjoy developing your new website from scratch or you want to revamp it quickly. tagDiv Cloud Library includes over 80 outstanding pre-made example designs and a library of 810+ entirely constructed design templates.


This theme may be used by anybody, regardless of their level of expertise in web design. You may use this theme for various types of websites: magazines, blogs, and news sites. Many responsive and retina-ready alternatives are available to make your website look great on mobile devices. Newspaper lets you customize how your material appears on various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The Newspaper theme is an excellent option if you want a website that looks great, loads quickly, and is versatile. Over 90 fantastic pre-made demo designs are included, 30 of which have been added since the last upgrade, as well as a library of 1000+ prebuilt design templates dubbed Tag-Div Cloud Library.


WordPress’s Newspaper theme eliminates the need to trawl through themes in search of the perfect one. It has a large number of prebuilt locations from which to pick. A bespoke import mechanism from Newspaper lets you sample a demo before installing it with a single click. The sample may be loaded with both content and design if you like. Using the import mechanism, you may remove the demo components from your website, which restores your pages to their previous state.

The Front-End of Newspaper theme

Tag-Div Composer is the page builder used by Newspaper on the front end. The drag-and-drop functionality of this tool makes it simple to make changes to your sites. Put everything precisely where you want it. To make things even simpler, you only need a few clicks to make complex CSS modifications.

It’s now considerably simpler to arrange and style items. As a result, coding expertise is no longer required to realize your vision. You can create stunningly attractive web pages in a flash using this fantastic tool. With Newspaper’s 22 multipurpose shortcodes, you may construct websites for businesses, individuals, and even e-commerce. You can work swiftly and simply with the Tag-Div Composer. People will be more motivated to work on their website as a result of this.

 The Tag-Div Cloud Library has over a thousand components, layouts, sections, headers, footers, and home pages ready for you to use. Select what you desire by clicking on it. For example, you may create a 404 page, author design, footer, or search page, and then import the elements you want from the Tag-Div servers into your website.


Many other colossal grid-style combinations are available, including pre-made category page layouts and 25 different preconfigured blocks. Additionally, there are five Flex Block features to provide you with even more freedom when publishing and customizing your content. Using massive grids that span the page’s width helps draw attention to the “above the fold” portion. You’ll be proud of your website’s professional appearance thanks to bespoke features like a photo gallery with a sliding picture slider, lightbox effects, social media counters, and news tickers.

You can now add custom typography to any existing block or element using the Fonts Style option in Tag-Div Composer. Fonts, font size, and line-height may all be mixed and matched. As a result, the procedure is seamless and doesn’t need special coding skills or font customization plugins that may slow down your website. The Translation Panel is another helpful feature that lets you load one of the many available languages and instantly transform a text list. Almost every other theme necessitates the use of third-party plugins to do this.

NEWSPAPER intelligent adverts

Newspaper’s sophisticated ad system, developed by Tag-Div, allows you to monetize your advertising without sacrificing the quality of the reader’s experience. Placing adverts in the 18 fixed advertising places on your website is an easy way to make money; This is in prominent spots such as the header, footer, and throughout the content as well as sidebars. Using Tag-Div Composer’s page editor and the Single Post Content or Ad Box components, the Newspaper theme offers the possibility to display advertising on individual posts and pages. If you want to utilize HTML code, you may do so with AdSense as well.

Newspaper’s Theme panel has all of the customization options and settings, plugins, demo sites, and website monitoring in one place. Everything is well-organized, and even a non-technical person can use all of the theme’s options. As a result, the Tag-Div Composer gives you a unique way to create posts, pages, or headers for blogs, news, or magazine websites. Because all results are displayed in real-time, the editor is handy. The Tag-Div Composer is a powerful tool on which you can count.


The use of a header builder is becoming more widespread among themes. Newspaper has a handy header builder as well. Before, if you wanted to alter your header, you had to choose from a limited number of options that didn’t always work out. When no one knew HTML, there was no progress. Now, thanks to these talented header builders, those days are over.


Tag-Div Composer, Tag-Div Cloud Library, Social Counter, Tag-Div Mobile Theme, and Tag-Div Newsletter are eight of the theme’s premium plugins. The Bakery Pagebuilder and Revolution Slider are both included in the theme. Using the newsletter plugin, you can keep your customers up to date. It comes with eight beautiful pre-designed templates, so your newsletter will always match your website’s aesthetic. Popular sites like MailChimp, Mailerlite, and Feedburner are compatible with Tag-Div Newsletter’s plugin.

The Newspaper theme has been put through its paces with several plugins and extensions to make sure everything works smoothly, including WP Super Cache and Contact Form 7 and bbPress, BuddyPress, and the WP Avatar plugin. Newspaper includes a custom plugin called the Tag-Div Social Counter plugin for displaying your social networking stats. Additionally, there are two different social media widgets for you to utilize (Instagram and Pinterest). Tag-author Div’s also created 35 custom widgets that you can easily add to your website with a dragging and dropping interface.

The Newspaper is all set to accept AMP content. As a result, you can use all the mobile-theme functionality on your AMP pages because the functionality is already built into the mobile-theme plugin for quick results. The theme also raises the bar in terms of page load speed and mobile-friendliness.

On the other hand, Astra is also one of the most popular WordPress.org repositories, and it’s also the first non-official theme (one that isn’t installed by default) to reach 1 million active installs and thousands of 5-star ratings. It says volumes about the WordPress theme’s popularity and coding quality. BrainstormForce, a trusted name in WordPress theme and plugin development, created the Astra WordPress theme. Astra is a freemium theme, in case you didn’t know. The basic theme is free to download, and there is also a Pro version, a plugin that significantly expands Astra’s capabilities. Many users like to get right into Astra’s free beginning templates, which I’ll go through first.

With the Astra Theme, you’ll be able to create the most eye-catching stores, and they’ll load lightning fast, too. With this, the Astra team has kicked off a trend that will only grow in popularity. When it comes to Astra, only Generatepress can keep up. But that theme is used on all other fronts.

There are several advantages to having a quick website, including improved Google rankings, increased visitor retention, and more sales. Today, having quick access to things is quite helpful. When it comes to Astra, you can be assured that you’re in capable hands. Web stores are also required to be quick, resulting in increased turnover; This is where we’ll start as Astra was designed to be used in stunning, ultra-fast charging facilities like this.


Look at WordPress.org Astra’s rating, and you’ll find that almost all raters awarded it five stars after that, even on the few detractors. 

You may learn all you need to know about Astra +WooCommerce on the website mentioned above. Not only do your customers appreciate a fast-loading website, but so will Google, which raises your store’s ranking in Google’s search engine results pages (SERP) and brings in more customers. As a result, both the number of visitors to your site and their level of satisfaction grow significantly.

Astra allows you to design your store precisely as you want it without knowing any technical vocabulary; This would have been inconceivable only a few short years ago. You don’t have to worry about incompatibility concerns with any of the existing WooCommerce plugins.

As a bonus, Astra provides a wide selection of current choices for shops, such as Infinite Scrolling, Flexible grid settings, Off-canvas sidebar, Quickview, and Dropdown cart, which will help your webshop succeed. Here’s more information on the subject. The shopping demo sites you’ll see below may all be installed into your website with just a single click.

Starter Demonstrations for ASTRA

A total of 180 full websites are available as beginning demos (templates) with Astra. These are whole websites, not just individual pages or sections, so you may start customizing them in your image. The Astra programmers created these samples for the four distinct page builders, which you can see in the following screenshot; This is one of the best demo themes out there.

Aside from being mobile-friendly, I’d also want to point out that the theme was designed with a focus on creating a fantastic user experience for mobile webshops; This is because mobile device sales will likely surpass 50% next year.

The whole checkout page, shopping cart, and product pages may be customized according to your preferences, and no HTML or other technical knowledge is necessary. When your checkout page isn’t well-designed, you’ll lose a significant portion of your revenue; This is because we’ve considered everything when it comes to E-commerce.


The Astra theme boasts lightning-fast loading speeds, as seen in the screenshots below. The results are consistently excellent regardless of where you run the test (Google, GtMetrix, Y-Slow, or Pingdom). These are well-known speed tests, and as I have stated, only Generatepress can get comparable results.

Page builders are ASTRA’s specialty.

As a whole, Astra and the Elementor page builder function together.

In addition to using the WordPress customizer, Astra has been designed to work with a premium page builder. Elementor, which is my top pick, is available in both a free and a paid edition. As though built for each other, working with Astra Pro and Elementor Pro is a pleasure. However, you don’t have to pay anything because Astra and Elementor provide a free version, albeit with far fewer features.


Schema is tidbits of information that search engines want us to include on our sites, so they know more about the content we’re serving up. If you do this, your website’s visibility in search results will improve. Schema markup is automatically added to your pages by Astra, as shown below.


There are PRO features like Astra Transparent Headers, Astra Custom Header, and Astra Custom Footer that enable you to customize your header and footer to your heart’s content without having to know any coding or design principles at all. By the way, your 404 pages are the same. Users in your system can choose from a variety of headers.

Even if Newspaper-X is an excellent theme for creating blogs and news sites, Astra is still the prominent theme in the long run. Newspaper-X and Astra both have an attractive design, but once again, Newspaper-X comes out on top. The themes can’t be compared in terms of loading speeds; Astra is far quicker than Newspaper-X. Astra, along with Generatepress, is the quickest WordPress theme currently available.

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