Using Astra Theme For A Better WooCommerce Performance

Getting better WooCommerce performance is a necessity when your business depends on it. Faster loading WordPress is a must for every website, but the stakes are much more significant when running an e-commerce store. The customers need to see efficient results and rapid processing, or they will land on your competitor’s website in no time. Therefore, choosing a theme for your WooCommerce performance is a careful decision. Let us discuss what features your WooCommerce theme should possess that focuses primarily on better performance and ultimately increased sales

What Theme Features Ensures Better WooCommerce Performance?

1- Flexibility and Adaptability

There can be many features in a theme, but the most important is its ability to adapt to the user’s needs and be flexible.

2- Working With Extensions/Add-ons

There are many extensions and add-ons that provide enhanced WooCommerce performance, and your theme should work seamlessly with such extensions so you can enjoy every premium feature. 

3- Responsive Design

Every user will browse your website from a different device, so your theme should be responsive to each one. Smartphones are most in use these days to browse and navigate to various pages, so make sure your theme is compatible with smartphone screens.

4- Integration With Page Builders

Instant results and processing is more comfortable with the drag and drop approach of page builders, especially while adding products to your e-commerce store. Therefore, the WooCommerce theme you are using should be able to integrate such page builders for added convenience.

How To Get Better WooCommerce Performance Using Astra?

Astra is undoubtedly the most trending theme for better WooCommerce performance with its Astra Pro plugin and premium features at a reasonable price. Here is how Astra theme provides an exceptional shopping experience to your online customers

Enhanced Speed

The Astra theme is super lightweight, and we are talking less than 50 KB, which makes it increasingly fast to load. The lesser processing times ensure sales and higher ranking on google. When a potential customer is browsing through items on your online store, the last thing he/she wants to see is the repetitive loading sign, and Astra makes sure it does not happen to your site. Keep your customer engaged with performance-optimized and clean Astra theme and do not let them press the back button.

Customization Without Codes

Your brand is unique in every way, and your website should reflect that. There are a lot of precise specifications that make your online presence different from your competitors. But how do you achieve that? Your theme is the primary tool for providing you with customization options that make you stand out from your counterparts. Astra theme has tons of customization options, and the best part is, you can use it without coding. Code-free customization options in Astra makes the number one choice for WooCommerce.

Secure and Compatible

The vast ecosystem consisting of WooCommerce plugins should be compatible with your theme, or else you cannot enjoy updated features. Astra theme is secure and adapts nicely with these plugins and add-ons, making your website safe for adding extended features. Astra lets you extend and update your store without worry, the dream of every e-commerce store owner!

Efficient Checkout Page

The major hindrance that store owners face is cart abandonment by their consumers for which Astra (along with Astra Pro add-on) provides efficient solutions. Check out page design provided by Astra helps to minimize such issues by presenting the following options for the website builders

  • Elegant and straightforward checkout form formulation making checkout in two steps  
  • Inline field validation
  • Removal of all unnecessary details from the checkout page to make the process distraction-free
  • Utilizing placeholders rather than labels to make the forms less busy
  • Prevention of accidental data loss from the refreshing page with the help of local storage
  • Elimination of extra fields such as coupons, etc. from the page

Availability of Starter Templates

Astra gets you covered even if you are new to the process. There are multiple WooCommerce sites available for you to import and start your business immediately. If you need instant results and easy to use site ready-made, install Astra, and import any template site of your choice to get your online game started.

Unique WooCommerce Solutions With Astra

Astra theme makes sure that you do not compromise on higher functions and quality for making your site load faster. Astra provides unique solutions to e-commerce professionals who want to build a unique brand with an attractive online presence. Here are some unique WooCommerce solutions that you will only get with Astra

Grid Settings

Astra provides you complete control over the layout of your products. You can manage your store with highly customizable settings and uniquely responsive grids. You can change the settings of buttons, columns, rows, and much more for making your store interactive and user friendly.

Dedicated Sidebars

Dedicated sidebars are an essential tool for engaging your customers on the page. Astra lets you customize and provide dedicated sidebars for individual posts or pages. You can spin up these sidebars easily to offer them for single product pages. Astra gives you the freedom to apply sidebars wherever you think is necessary.

Widget Optimization

Astra has made widget optimization super easy with options for drag and drop. You can customize your “shop” page by quickly picking widgets like price, product variation, filter, etc., and can place them in the off-canvas sidebar for a satisfactory shopping experience. 

Astra introduces yet another easy access solution for the consumers through a dropdown cart. Consumers on site now don’t have to refresh the page for looking at items in their cart. They can easily make use of the dropdown cart and take a quick look at all the things they have bought.

Bubble Style Icons

The primary purpose of any WooCommerce site should serve to engage customers with user-friendly and attractive designs, and Astra has made sure that your WooCommerce website serves its purpose. Astra provides bubble-style trendy icons that you can customize in various colors, texts, and styling to grab your consumer’s attention. It specifically comes in handy with the “Sales” items that pop out about the background and increases the chances of consumer’s clicks.

Variations in Colors

Choosing the right color scheme and deciding the color variation is an integral part of website design and attracts customers. Astra provides a wide range of color combinations to choose from for your page. You can design various pages of your website with matching color schemes and differentiate between different product categories to capture the attention of customers.

Product Catalog

The product catalog resonates with the consumer’s interests in your products. With Astra, you can decide how you want to present in your products and whether to sort them in categories or make use of by default specifications

Pros and Cons of Using Astra for WooCommerce


  • Astra is very lightweight and loads fast that works best for an online store
  • Provides easy integration with page builders to use drag and drop approach
  • Tons of customization options without coding
  • Highly flexible
  • Adaptability with the WooCommerce add-ons and plugins to unleash premium features
  • Affordable pricing for Astra Pro Addon plugin


  • Limited features without Astra Pro version
  • Astra Pro add-on plugin comes with a specific fees
  • Lifetime plan of Astra Pro add-on plugin is expensive

Final Words

The Astra theme is trending the charts of efficient WooCommerce themes. With tons of customization options, easy adaptability, and less than 50 KB weight, Astra is the most suitable theme for better WooCommerce performance. Though Astra’s premium features unlock with the Astra Pro Addon Plugin, it comes at a reasonable price and includes the lifetime plan.

It is now time that you try the new Astra theme for your online store and let us know if you could achieve better WooCommerce performance.

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