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If you are looking out to display your web images stunningly with a more organized and professional look, then you must try out some Joomla gallery extensions.

But before locking on best photo gallery extension, you should consider essential features such as image margin, border, and drag’n drop functionality, animation speed and user-friendly gallery features.

Droppics is an excellent addition in Joomla image Manager and Photo Gallery extensions. Droppics comes with some incredibly cool features that can turn your simple web images into a stunning photo gallery with lightboxes, slideshows and animation effects.

Let’s dive in to get more knowledge.


Droppics is a simple and easy to use gallery component, where the users can use drag’n drop feature to create a photo gallery. Droppics works best with both frontend and backend. Moreover, Droppics comes with six stunning themes that are applicable with a single click.

Droppics Joomla image manager Key Features

Droppics offers a complete solution to your image gallery management and allows its user to manage all the images from the text editor or directly from the component. The SEO image manager helps Google find out the images and make the images visible in multiple search engines. You can easily create any numbers of image galleries and navigation is supported by AJAX.

That’s not all, Droppics allows its user to quickly cut/copy/ paste any image from different galleries or you can simply drag the image and place it anywhere in other galleries with drag’n drop feature.

Furthermore, you can control and adjust every dimension of images, the width sizes and borders with one click.  

Manage Joomla images right from the content

Now, you can easily manage your images directly from the component or any text editor without any obscurity. The photos are manageable both from frontend and backend. Also, a dedicated importer lets you import any image from Joomla or any existing media in the Droppics.

Dazzling themes for galleries

Droppics comes with six stunning themes for galleries. The themes are easily applicable with a single click; moreover, you can easily adjust the design of each image, image border, image margins, image shadow, and image caption. That’s not all; you can also SEO optimize each image by editing file name, title and alt information.

Create galleries and sub-galleries with drag’n drop option

Droppics allows its user to create Multi-level galleries and sub-galleries by using drag’n drop option.

The users can easily use frontend gallery navigation which is also AJAX supported without reloading the entire page.  Rearrange galleries, sub-galleries, videos and images with a single click.

Edit images size and create a custom size

Droppics comes with three image sizes by default on uploading an image; original, large and thumbnail size. You can choose these sizes on uploading your image or even after uploading you can change their sizes while the original image size will be preserved.

Once the images are uploaded, you can edit (cut, copy, crop, resize) or apply effects. Moreover, custom sizes can also be created on upload.

Apply image protection with Watermark

Droppics allows adding image protection on all of the images. You just need to select a copyrighted image which you want to apply on each image, select the size of copyright image then Droppics will automatically regenerate all the images including a watermark.

The process is clear-cut and can be done on thousands of images at the same time in a few clicks.

Supervise Images and Galleries from Frontend

Droppics allows managing the images from the frontend by using two methods; manage with the text editor button as you do in the backend or you can also use a dedicated interface with a custom frontend template.

Droppics goes smoothly with Joomla ACL and the admin can define which user group is allowed to add/modify/remove images, galleries or sub-galleries.

SEO optimization for bulk images

Now, you can easily edit all of your images information by using a bulk interface, it’s a fast and effective method to edit info of each image without opening a single item. Everything is quickly replaced and AJAX saved.

Moreover, you can batch copy information of any image to all other images with a single click. Image Information like file name, image alternative text, image titles and image captions can be edited to get your website indexed in Google.

Improved image SEO and Speed optimization

Droppics uses the swift and quick way to load images faster using HTML5 srcset property. This feature automatically loads the correct image size according to the screen size to speed optimize the image.

Moreover, some other key features that improve image loading speed and SEO are as follow;

  • Real image resizing
  • SEO information like file name, image alt and title
  • AJAX Navigation
  • Compressed images on upload

Add remote videos

Remote videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, can be included in the images and separately in the galleries. For activation of this option

Go to; Component> Droppics>Options> Add remove videos.

The default width of each video can be included. You can load videos in Lightbox as well.

Import images from server

With Droppics, you can import any image from your server. The media import tool allows for browsing and importing images. Select images from the main interface and then import in the category where you want.

Component > Droppics > Options > Main parameters tab > Show images import parameter.

Droppics Joomla Image Manage Pros

  • Insert a single image directly from the gallery into your content
  • Create and manage multi-level galleries and sub-galleries.
  • AJAX navigation support throughout galleries and sub-galleries
  • Create an image gallery with Lightbox with only three clicks
  • Comes with Joomla ACL integration  to allow or limit access to edit images information
  • Six impressive images and gallery themes
  • Create nested image categories up to 7 levels.
  • Apply different themes out of 6 default themes to each category with specific configurations
  • Rearrange and organize images, galleries and sub-galleries with drag’n drop option
  • Define the image size when uploading and preserve the original format as well.
  • Image lazy loading effect will work on all galleries to improve the page’s loading speed.
  • Add custom links to the images comfortably in the gallery view
  • Apply up to 30 advanced effects on each image such as colour contrast,  filters, saturation.
  • Edit image border, border-radius, and margin on each image
  • Photo alignment is also adjustable from right, center or left.
  • Add internal links to the images
  • Images are replaceable, and once you change the image with another it will automatically get changed everywhere
  •  Auto generates image thumbnails with selected predefined sizes.
  • Images are compatible with all devices screens, and you can also upload any image from your mobile phones
  • SEO optimize your images with file name, title, alt image
  • Comes with automatic Lightbox effect for each image.
  • Add remote videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion with an automatic thumbnail image
  • Droppics comes with dedicated integration with many Joomla extension that allows content plugin such as;
  • K2Joomlaworks
  • Image Gallery in module
  • all text editors
  • Youtheme pro
  • Joomla CCK & extensions
  • Gallery themes
  • Droppics doesn’t  have the option to apply any preset layouts
  • Doesn’t have an opportunity to migrate all images from one site to another site
  • Doesn’t have to allow to delete EXIF photos
  • Cannot add folders into galleries with a title for each folder.

Droppics regular pricing starts at $34 with six months of support and update. It doesn’t come with any free version and if you want to avail all of its exclusive features including extensions and DropEditor Integration than go for a special deal starting at $59 with one year update and support facility.

Bottom Line

JoomUnited is setting the new standards in developing a powerful and easy to use Image Gallery extension. It’s not free to use, but all of its stunning features make it worth buying. With Droppics you need not swing between your content and component, you can drag’n drop any image from the gallery and fix it anywhere in your article. You can choose different themes from 6 available themes for each category and apply numerous effects, custom slideshows, Lightbox effects and many more.  Droppics works best with both frontend and backend. So, create beautiful picture galleries and give you site a more professional look with Droppics.

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  1. Hallo, ich habe gewechselt auf Joomla 4.1.5 , Droppics in der weiteren Verbindung mit Sp-Page Builder (aktuell Pro) eine neue Seite errichtet. OS-Map die xml erzeugt (Menues), bis dahin alles OK! Ich bekomme aber keine images.xml hin mit dem OS-Map(pro)??
    Was mache ich da falsch?? Evtl. mit Droppics? Da finde ich auch absolut nichts darüber. Vielen Dank für Hilfe im Voraus, Viola

    1. Hi, the .xml image sitemap images are not handled by Droppics but by your SEO tool, here you seem to use OS-Map.
      You may need to contact then to generate that image sitemap

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